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My low-confidence bad habits


When I read this Copyblogger post 8 Bad Habits that Crush Your Creativity And Stifle Your Success, it got me thinking about the mental habits that hold me back. Especially when it comes to being more creative and not reaching for the distractions of the web every time it all feels too much effort.

Creating and evaluating at the same time is a big one for me. Speaking to people, writing, engaging, pulling my ideas together – I’m constantly my own harshest critic, and scrapping ideas before they have any chance at all. Of course, lack of confidence applies here too.

So no wonder the reflex action of hitting YouTube, some gossipy news site or porn feels so comfortable. It’s totally passive and anonymous. I can let my inner critic loose on the work of everyone else. I can read the bitchy user comments, click ‘not like’ buttons, and roll in the sewers of celebrity news items. Even watching porn lets me play the judge and jury – “man that’s so gross, how can she do that?”.

When I’m procrastinating in this way, everything is a target for criticism except me. Hey I’m just in the audience, being fed all this crap. And there’s no fear of ambiguity. I know that YouTube will stream me endless distraction. The porn sites I visit are guaranteed to serve up fresh batches of mindless filth every time I hit them. It’s safe, secure and something I can control.

But all the time, nothing gets done. Another day without moving forward. So I’m following the advice in the article, and getting real about these creativity-crushing habits. Surely that’s the first step, right?


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